J. C. H. King and Christian F. Feest (editors)

Three Centuries of Woodlands Indian Art



This volume brings together papers relating to the indigenous arts of northeastern North America, ranging from eighteenth-century British and German collecting to contemporary museum representations and Haudenosaunee art. Most of them were originally presented at the conference Native Art of the North American Woodlands held in February 1999 at the Museum of Mankind (British Museum) in London.





Table of Contents


Dale Idiens, Early Collections from the North American Woodlands in Scotland

Christian F. Feest, Early Woodlands Material at the Musée d’Yverdon

Simon Jones, Caldwell and DePeyster: Two Collectors from the King’s Regiment on the Great Lakes in the 1770s and 1780s

Christian F. Feest, German Collections from the American Revolution

R. S. Stephenson, The Decorative Art of Securing Captives in the Eastern Woodlands

Scott Meachum, “Markes Upon Their Clubhamers”: Interpreting Pictography on Eastern War Clubs

J. C. H. King, Ball-headed Clubs in Nineteenth-Century Europe. Projecting Power Among Woodlands Performers

David W. Penney, Captains Coats

Cath Oberholtzer, Propitiation, Instruction, Commission. Survival Arts of the James Bay Cree

Laura Peers, On Missionaries, Artists, Bears, and “Grandfathers.” Peter Rindisbacher’s Paintings, John White’s Collection, and the Red River Ojibwa

Sylvia S. Kasprycki, A Devout Collector: Johann Georg Schwarz and Early Nineteenth-Century Menominee Art

George Bankes, North American Woodlands Art in the Manchester Museum Collection

William C. Sturtevant, Early Iroquois Realist Painting and Identity Marking

Trudy Nicks and Ruth B. Phillips, “From Wigwam to White Lights.” Princess White Deer’s Indian Acts

Jack Campisi, On Building the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center

Shepard Krech III, The Woodlands Exhibited at the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, 1986–1999

Doris I. Stambrau, “The Art Reflects the People.” Perspectives on Works by Contemporary Iroquois Artists

Jolene Rickard, Haudenosaunee Art: “In the Shadow of the Eagle”


Three Centuries of Woodland Indian Art


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viii+200 pp, 21 x 28 cm

151 color and 66 b/w illustrations, 1 map

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European Review of Native American Studies Monographs 3

Series Editor: Christian F. Feest

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