Sylvia S. Kasprycki with Doris I. Stambrau and Alexandra V. Roth (editors)


Visual Expressions of Contemporary Native American Artists




This book was published as a catalogue to accompany the first major exhibition of works by contemporary Haudenosaunee artists from Canada and the United States, shown in Frankfurt am Main in 1998. It includes works by Edward J. Burnam, Jr., Florence David, Joe David, Joey David, Sue Ellen Dow, Katherine J. Fogden, Ellen Gabriel, Richard Glazer Danay, Gerald Hill, Greg Hill, Richard W. Hill, Sr., Tom Huff, Alex A. Jacobs, G. Peter Jemison, Peter B. Jones, George C. Longfish, Richard E. Nephew, Shelley Niro, Roger Perkins, Bill Powless, Melanie Printup Hope, Ryan Rice, Tammy Tarbell-Boehning, Harold Gesso Thomas, Jeffrey M. Thomas, and Carson R. Waterman, along with biographical information on the artists and the following essays:

Richard W. Hill, Sr.: The Fine Art of Defining the Haudenosaunee

Christian F. Feest: Iroquois and Others

Sylvia S. Kasprycki: Continuity and Change in Iroquois Visual Arts

Alexandra V. Roth: Native Voices on Current Iroquois Issues

Doris I. Stambrau: Perspectives on Contemporary Iroquois Art

Greg Hill: Fluid Identities

Audra Simpson: The Empire Laughs Back


Visual Expressions of Contemporary Native American Artists


19.90 €  Softcover   ISBN 3-00-002449-2


124 pp, 21 x 28 cm

30 color and 72 b/w illustrations, 2 maps


European Review of Native American Studies Monographs 1

Series Editor: Christian F. Feest

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