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Between 1987 and 2007 the European Review of Native American Studies was the leading Native American Studies journal published on the far side of the Big Water and one of the most significant periodicals in the field. Originally conceived to promote scholarly exchange and cooperation within the polyglot American Indian Workshop (the informal European Native American Studies network), ERNAS also showcased European research and resources for American and Canadian audiences.

Articles, many of them illustrated (between 2003 and 2007 also in color), all of them fully documented, dealt with Native American subject matter from every conceivable point of view: anthropology, history, visual arts, linguistics, literature, comparative religion, music, politics, popular culture—with no holds barred. Despite the unabashedly European accent of the journal, non-Europeans were regularly featured among the authors.

The American Indian Workshop Newsletter, which took up the last third of each issue of ERNAS, reviewed books and exhibitions, summarized the contents of meetings, reported on Europe’s continuing “Indian affair,” and included an annotated listing of the relevant literature published in Europe or by Europeans.

Each volume included two issues of 64 pages each, one of them usually edited by a guest editor in order assure a diversity of approaches and perspectives.

For twenty-one years the journal tried to keep alive the complementary traditions of Father Lafitau and the Baron de Lahontan.

For a listing of the contents of all issues, see below.

European Review of Native American Studies

Editor: Christian F. Feest


ISSN 0238-1486

vol. 1:2 (1987)–21:1 (2007) (1:1 and 10:2 OUT OF PRINT)

19.5 x 27.5 cm


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Table of Contents



1:1 (1987) OUT OF PRINT


Brigitte Fleischmann, Assessing the Reliability of 16th Century Spanish Chronicles

Christian F. Feest, Pride and Prejudice: The Pocahontas Myth and the Pamunkey

Carlo J. Krieger, Sand Awikhigan: Eugin Vetromile’s Penobscot Calendar for 1863

Cornelius H. W. Remie, Continuity and Change in the Central Arctic: Reflections on the Diary of Awongaitsirak 1958–1964

Lance Henson, European Poems

Christine Turnauer, Contemporary Plains Indian Potraits

Armin W. Geertz, Prophets and Fools: The Rhetoric of Hopi Indian Eschatology

Joëlle Rostkowski, Falling Star or Phoenix? The Working Group on Indigenous Populations


Visual Arts: To Be or Not Naive (C. F. Feest) / Native Accent in (North) Western Art (C. F. Feest)

Exhibitions: Villa Bear’s Grease (C. J. Krieger) / Wood and Power (CFF)

Medicine Man Department: Blow-Dried Shamanism (R. Mandl) / Giant Plastic Medicine Man

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 23

Literature: Endangered Poet (CFF)

Book Review: No Cigar Store Indian (B. Trigger)

Gleanings from Meetings: NASAC/ACEAA, Victoria (C. F. Feest) / American Society for Ethnohistory (CFF)

Controversy: The Glenbow Incident (CFF)

Editor’s Postscript


1:2 (1987) Guest Editor: Mick Gidley


Mick Gidley, Representations of Native American Cultures. Guest Editor’s Preface

David Murray, “They Love Me and I Learn”: Frank Hamilton Cushing and Ethnographic Method

Mick Gidley, R. B. Townshend’s 1903 Snake Dance Photographs in Focus

Mary-Ellen Cummings, The Image of the Indian in Zane Grey’s The U. P. Trail and The Vanishing American

Matthias Schubnell, Frozen Suns and Angry Bears: An Interpretation of Leslie Silko’s “Storyteller”

Bo Schöler, Interpretive Communities and the Representation of Contemporary Native American Life in Literature

Clare V. McKanna, Jr., Edward H. Davis: Shadow Catcher Among the Mesa Grande Indians

László Borsányi, “Tradition Is an Obligation and Responsibility”: Interview with A. Paul Ortega


8th American Indian Workshop: Inuit (almost) to Ennui (N. Clerici)

Exhibitions: Discoveries at Galerie Art 4 (N. Delanoë/J. Rostkowski) / Czech Hobbyists at Work (M. Ekstein) / AIM Hobbyism in Austria (C. J. Krieger)

Gleanings from Meetings: “Our Image of the Good Savages” (R. Kaiser) / 3rd European Meeting of Support Groups (C. J. Krieger)

Medicine Men Department: Elusive DDDr. Tiam / Watch List / Lame Deer Society

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 24

Book Reviews: Cartography of Time (C. F. Feest) / Iconography of Beliefs (S. S. Kasprycki)

Karl May: Winnetou in Austria (V. Traeger) / ... and in Luxembourg (CJK)

Not Karl May: Indian Day in Budapest (L. Borsányi)

Obituaries: M. Lomatuway’ma (A. W. Geertz) / Alain Parent (C. F. Feest)


2:1 (1988)


Pieter Hovens, The Anthropologist as Enigma: Frank Hamilton Cushing

Pierre Swiggers, C. C. Uhlenbeck (1886–1951) and the Scientific Study of Algonquian Languages

Walter Hoffman (edited by P. Bolz), Childbirth and Abortion among the Absaroka or Crow) and Dakota Indians (1888)

Wolfgang Haberland, Adrian Jacobsen on Pine Ridge Reservation, 1910

Johanna Riegler, “Tame Europe” and the “Mysteries of Wild America”: Viennese Press Coverage of American Indian Shows, 1886–1898

Ole Hertz, Pictures from West Greenland, 1966

Aribert Schroeder, Native Americans in Contemporary Black Novels

Christian F. Feest, Jacques Le Moyne Minus Four

Rolf Krusche, Notes on Karl Bodmer’s America

Johann Baptist Wengler, A Portfolio of Drawings, 1850–1851 (edited by C. F. Feest)


Exhibitions: The Spirits Sings: Last Song? (C. F. Feest) / Multiple-Image Powwow Show (R. Mandl)

Gleanings from Meetings: Native American Art Studies Association (C. F. Feest) / Algonquian Conference, Washington (CFF) / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde (P. Bolz) / A New Academic Association (A. W. Geertz)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 25

Book Reviews: The Indian as Dream and Anxiety (H. E. L. Prins) / Model Bibliography (P. Swiggers) / Tenderness and Anger (B. Schöler)

Hobbyism: “You are the Indians of Europe” (CFF) / Albert Dennis Burdett (1917–1983) (M. G. Johnson)

Indians and Europe


2:2 (1988) Guest Editor: William K. Powers


Daniel J. Gelo, Comanche Songs, English Lyrics, and Formal Continuity

R. D. Theisz, Multifaceted Double Woman: Legend, Song, Dream, and Meaning

Marla N. Powers, Symbolic Representations of Sex Roles in the Plains War Dance

Raymond A. Bucko, S.J., The St. Francis Community New Year’s Dance

William K. Powers, Foolish Words: Text and Context in Lakota Love Songs

Michael G. Johnson, Indian or Metis Art?

Reinhard Mandl, On and Around the Powwow Trail, 1987


9th American Indian Workshop: The Workshop at Work and Dance (M. Coleman)

Music: It’s Not Just Music: An Interview with R. Carlos Nakai (C. F. Feest)

Resources: Catholic Indian Mission Records (M. G. Thiel)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 26

Book Reviews: The Great God Maasaw (A. Geertz) / Aztec Conversion: The Franciscan Strategy (J. Rostkowski) / Fools Crow (W. Hochbruck)

Gleanings from Meetings: Amerindian Cosmology Conference (A. W. Geertz) / American Indian Religious Freedom Act Conference (C. F. Feest) / Second Maple Leaf & Eagle Conference (A. Schroeder)

Exhibitions: Indian Art of Boycott (P. Schwarzbauer) / The Swedes Return to America (CFF)

News from Italy (F. Giordano) / ... and from Austria (P. Schwarzbauer)

Indians and Europe

Medicine Man Department: Sun Bear, Germans, and the Lost Brother (CFF)


3:1 (1989)


Armin W. Geertz, A Container of Ashes: Hopi Prophecy in History

Alice Schlegel, Fathers, Daughters, and Kachina Dolls

M. E. Laniel-le-François, The Evolution of Hopi Kachina Doll Sculpture

Richard S. Kelly, Hobby? Hopi! Some Remarks on the Hopi Reception in Germany

Laurence Guillochet, The North American Collection of the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle de la Rochelle

Johanna E. Feest, Dreams in Clay. New Life for an Old Art on Manitoulin Island

Andrei A. Snamenski, A Russian Member of the Taos Colony

Lilianne A. Krosenbrink-Gelissen, The Metis National Council: Continuity and Change among the Canadian Metis

Peter Heinrich Kamber, Timber and Termination: The Klamath Case


Exhibitions: Living Arctic (S. Krech) / North American Indians in European Museums (C. F. Feest) / Plains Indians in Komárom (I. Nagy)

Anniversaries: New Sweden—300 Years Later (C. F. Feest)

Press Digest: Soviet Press on Reagan on Indians

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 27

Languages & Literature: Cherokee Goes Esperantoand Beyond

Gleanings from Meetings: Cultures of the Northwest Coast (A. Jonaitis) / 4th European Support Group Meeting (R. S. Kelly) / UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations (R. S. Kelly) / 6th Inuit Studies Conference (M. A. Chlenov, P. Schweitzer)

Indians and Europe


3:2 (1989) Guest Editor: Valery A. Tishkov


A. V. Grinev, The Eyak Indians and the Fate of a Russian Settlement at Yakutat

R. G. Liapunova, The Aleuts and their Ecosystem

G. I. Dzeniskevich, Ecological Adaptations in Traditional Cultures of the Northern Athapaskans

P. M. Kozhin, I. G. Voznesenskii’s Ethnographical Observations in California

Victor A. Shnirelman, Origin and Early History of Maize

László Kürti, Style Changes in the Seneca Indian Dance Culture: The Application of a Model

Peter Schwarzbauer, Life Expectancy and Age Structure of Deaths: Indications for the Oglala Lakota


10th American Indian Workshop: Two Pow-wows in Vienna (J. Mucha)

On Stage: Reflections on Stone (R. Conrad) / Theater with No Forked Tongue (P. Bakker)

Exhibitions: What cheer, Englishman (J. C. H. King) / An Austrian in Indian Territory (CFF)

Obituary: Peter Neumann (H. Israel)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 28

Book Reviews: The Ethnography of Hopi Religion (P. M. Whiteley) / Ethnosociology and the Study of the Hopi (A. W. Geertz) / On the Origins of Literary Primitivism (D. Fiorentino)

Indian Running: Oglala Lakotas in Switzerland (P. Schwarzbauer)

Hobbyism: Indian Images—Made in the GDR

Indians and Europe


4:1 (1990)


Sylvia S. Kasprycki, “A Lover of All Knowledge”: Edwin James and Menominee Ethnography

Igor I. Krupnik, Cultures in Contact: The Population Nadir in Siberia and North America

Marshall Joseph Becker, Two 17th Century Clubs in the Collections of the Skokloster Museum, Sweden

Staffan Brunius, North American Indian Collections at the Folkens Museum-Etnografiska, Stockholm

Wilhelm Wildhage, Material on Short Bull

M. L. Vanessa Vogel, The Glenbow Controversy and Exhibitions of Native North American Art

Bettina Schiedermair, “Federal Acknowledgement”: Anthropological Import and Bureaucratic Application


Exhibitions: In Honor of Lévi-Strauss (M. Mauzé)

Support: An Interview with Tom LaBlanc (P. Schwarzbauer)

Gleanings from Meetings: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde, Marburg (I. Schroe-der)

Literature: Little Redskin Riding Hood  (C. F. Feest)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 29

Book Reviews: Literary Bridgehead (W. Hochbruck) / Adventure to Ethnohistory (P. Schweitzer)


4:2 (1990)  Guest Editor: Fedora Giordano


Fedora Giordano, Italy’s Contribution to Native American Studies

Elémire Zolla, American Indian Literature from 1970 to 1990: The Redemptive Mountain

Maria Vittoria D’Amico, Gerald Vizenor’s Word-arrows: Between Tradition and Innovation

Fedora Giordano, Paula Gunn Allen’s “Healing Fiction”: An Archetypal Reading of The Women Who Owned the Shadows

Giovanni Pizzorusso, Roman Ecclesiastical Archives and the History of the Native Peoples of Canada

Laura Laurencich-Minelli, Cardinal Giuseppe Mezzofanti, Scholar of American Indian Languages

Daniele Fiorentino, Accidental Ethnographers: Italian Travelers and American Indians, 1750–1900

Naila Clerici and Luisa Faldini, To Celebrate Columbus: A Collection of American Indian Artifacts in Genoa in 1892 and 1992

Elvira Stefania Tiberini, Plains Indian Artifacts in the E. H. Giglioli Collection of the Pigorini Museum in Rome

Guy Lanoue, Breakdown and Ethnographic Consciousness: The Sekani Case


11th American Indian Workshop: “They Have Withered from the Land. Their Arrows Are Broken” (C. Ravaioli)

Gleanings from Meetings: Indian Art of the Central Plains, Santa Fe (I. Nagy)

On Stage: Jewish Western / Body Seattle / Body Hippocrene

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 30

Book Reviews: Fine (Native) Arts Book (M. L. V. Vogel) / Final Wake-Up Call (R. Gehlen)

Exhibitions: New Cook Voyage Material (CFF) / Budapest’s Indian Collection (CFF) / Native American Exhibition, Walsall (M.G. Johnson)


5:1 (1991)


Ann Davis and Peter Bolz, Si Tanka Wokik-suye . The Wounded Knee Memorial Ride

Russel Lawrence Barsh, Political Diversification of the International Indigenous Movement

Jan Grabowski, Mohawk Crisis at Kanasetake and Kahnawake

Denys Delâge, War and the French-Indian Alliance

Peter Bakker, The Mysterious Link Between Basque and Micmac Art

Sylvia S. Kasprycki, Fredrika Bremer’s Native American Drawings

Imre Nagy, Progress or Decline? White Impact on the Pictographic Art of the Plains

J. C. H. King, A Century of Indian Shows. Canadian and United States Exhibitions in London

Deidre Simmons, A History for Contemporary Canadian Indian Art

John Purdy, Tuning Response: A Theory for Introducing Contemporary Native Texts


Literature: Looking at “GRAIL”: German Re-search in American Indian Literature (W. Hochbruck)

Book Reviews: Englishman in Buckskins (C. Taylor) / California Guides (C. F. Feest) / Hagenbeck’s Human Displays (V. Traeger)

Obituary: Werner Müller (1907–1990)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 31

Journals: siberian/questions/sibériennes, “Te-nas Wawa”

Public Awareness: Mato Tope Monument

Photography: Dakota Daguerreotype (C. F. Feest, S. S. Kasprycki)

Exhibitions: Lakol Wokiksuye (Vienna), Náprstek Museum (Prague)

Commentary: Federal Acknowledgement: Another Viewpoint (R. L. Barsh)


5:2 (1991)  Guest Editor: Armin  W. Geertz


Armin W. Geertz, Native American Art and the Problem of the Other

Bernd Peyer, Art and Native American Self-Assertion

Alfred Young Man, Tokens and Taboo: Academia vs. Native Art

Gerald McMaster, How the West was Lost: An Artist’s Perspective

Ruth B. Phillips, Glimpses of Eden: Iconographic Themes in Huron Pictorial Tourist Art

Aldona Jonaitis, Representations of Women in Native American Museum Exhibitions: A Kwakiutl Example

Michael G. Johnson, Northern Plains and Plateau Indian Photographs from the Sir Benjamin Stone Collection

Enrico Comba, Wolf Warriors and Dog Feasts: Animal Metaphors in Plains Miltary Societies


12th American Indian Workshop: Meeting the Indians in Rome (H. Lumer)

Gleanings from Meetings: Arctic Leaders Summit (V. Traeger) / New Literatures in English

Associations: Scottish Indians

Collecting: Postcards

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 32

Book Review: Holy Smoke (C. F. Feest)

Trick or Treaty: Lubicon Cree Claim (P. Schwarzbauer)

Repatriation: Washington Give-Away? Berlin Reunion! (C. F. Feest)

Exhibitions: The Forge North American Indian Centre & Museum (I. West)


6:1 (1992)


Johannes Neurath, Mesoamerica and the Southern Ceremonial Complex

Susanne Mirschitzka, Usage and Management of Marine Resources on the Northwest Coast

Amy Winter, The Germanic Reception of Native American Art: Wolfgang Paalen as Collector, Scholar, and Artist

Marie Mauzé, Exhibiting One’s Culture: Two Case Studies

Adriana Greci Green, German Missionary Participation During the Ghost Dance of 1890

Lothar Dräger, North American Indian Studies in the Former G.D.R.

Karl Markus Kreis, “Indians” on Old Picture Postcards

Frauke Buchholz, Nasnaga’s  Indian Summer: Artistic Failure or Valid Protest?


Exhibitions: Leipzig: Tour of the Lakes (L. Dräger) / Lugano: Kanuitpit? (V. Traeger) / Munich: Almost Forgotten Chief (V. Grahammer)

Gleanings from Meetings: Ethical Reflections on Health and Illness, Maarssen (C. Farrer) / The Rediscovery of America, Treviso (F. Giordano) / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde, Munich (C. F. Feest)

Investment: Bodmermania

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 32

Book Reviews: Home-Grown Cult (W. Haberland) / Red Angles & Furies (C. F. Feest) / Native Gender Politics (C. F. Feest)


6:2  (1992)  Guest Editor: Emma Sánchez Montañés


Sylvia L. Hilton, Native Peoples of North America: Recent Spanish Historiography (1980–1992)

Fernando Monge, Visiting and Imagining the Indians. Spanish 18th Century Expeditions to the Northwest Coast

Paz Cabello Carro, Ancient Spanish Collections from North America

Araceli Sánchez Garrido, Plains Indian Collections of the Museo de América

Ana Verde Casanova, The Inuit Collections at the Museo Nacional de Etnología in Madrid

Carlos Junquera, Canadian Public Opinion vis-à-vis the Autochthonous Populations of the Mackenzie River, 1960–1990

Leoncio Carretero Collado, Rethinking Northwest Coast Ethnography: The Nootka and the Kwakiutl are Gone

Emma Sánchez Montañés, Spanish University Studies of North American Ethnology

Matthias Schubnell, Language, Signs, and Signature in Leslie Silko’s “Lullaby”


13th American Indian Workshop: Now We Are Sevillized/ (R. Bartl)

Gleanings from Meetings: Native Americans: New Findings and Interpretations, Moscow (C. F. Feest)

Indians in Europe: Estiu Indian 1992

Indians and Europe: Family Values (CFF) / Sham-men and Indios Tipicos (CFF)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 34

Book Reviews: Oral Native Americans (B. Peyer) / Literate Native Americans (W. Hochbruck) / Vociferous Native Artists (M. L. V. Vogel) / Northwest Coast Handbook (M. Mauzé)

Exhibitions: Salzburg: Greenlandic Affair (V. Traeger) / Dürnstein: Blackfoots for Sale (C. F. Feest)


7:1 (1993)


Øyvind T. Gulliksen, God is Red: The Theology of Vine Deloria, Jr.

Vine Deloria, Jr., But it was all Ad Hoc: Comments on Gulliksen’s Paper

Delores J. Huff, J. Edgar Hoover and the Indians

Jan Grabowski, Crime and Punishment: Sault-St-Louis, Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes, and French Justice, 1662–1735

Haijo J. Westra, A New Version of Lahontan’s “Hieroglyphic” Message

Daniel Dubois, Indianism in France

N. N., Indianism in Hungary

Birgit Turski, The Indianist Groups in the G.D.R.: Development–Problems–Prospects


Exhibitions: Oxford: The Case for Baskets (J. C. H. King) / Leiden: The Case against Designers (L. Govaart) / Antwerpen: White Man’s Red Men (C. F. Feest) / New York: Red Man’s Red Men (C. J. Krieger) / Vienna: Arctic Circle/Annual Cycle (B. H. Christensen)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 35

Journals: Das Indianermagazin

Book Reviews: Native American Art  History (J. C. H. King) / Native American Languages (P. Bakker)

Indians in/and Europe: Belarus Indians / Rock Poet


7:2 (1993) Guest Editor: Pieter Hovens


Pieter Hovens, Native North American Studies in the Netherlands

Cornelius H. W. Remie, Changing Contexts, Persistent Relations: Inuit-White Encounters in Northern Canada, 1576–1992

L. E. Krosenbrink-Gelissen, “Traditional Motherhood” in Defense of Sexual Equality Rights for Canada’s Aboriginal Women

Peter Bakker, European-Amerindian Language Contact in North America: Pidgins, Creoles, and Mixed Languages

William C. Sturtevant, The First American Discoverers of Europe

Christian Oprießnig, Kickapoos at the Emperor’s Court: Photographs, Engravings, Paint-ings

Zmago Šmitek, Baraga, Schoolcraft, and the Beginnings of American Ethnology


14th American Indian Workshop: Traditions are followed ... (E. de Vries)

Exhibitions: Denmark: Blessed Greenlanders (B. H. Christensen) / Paris: Cursed Frenchmen (C. F. Feest) / Germany: Observant Rhinelanders (C. F. Feest)

Moving Images: American Indians in Silent Film (A. Aleiss)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 36

Book Reviews: Reading the Visions (C. Taylor) / Recycling Cultural Debris (C. F. Feest) / Incredible Shrinking Robes (C. F. Feest)

Literature: Cheyenne-West Frisian Poetry (P. Bakker

From the Mailbag: The Grateful Dead

Indians and Europe: German Indian Music / An Eskimo Poet


8:1 (1994)


Matthias R. J. Leonardy, First Nations’ Self-Government in Canada: Segregation or Le-gal Pluralism

Mick Gidley, Into Apache Lands: Reminiscences of Edward S. Curtis’s North American Indian Project

Michael Reinschmidt, The Drum Dance Religion of the Sauk. Historical and Contemporary Reflections

Hans-Ulrich Sanner, “A Battle of Stories”: The Representation of the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute

Kristin Sens, The Virtuous Realities of Con-temporary Indigenous Art

Domhnall Mitchell, Marginal Notes: Native Americans in The Scarlet Letter


Exhibitions: Leiden: Warming Experience (J. C. H. King) / Mondorf, Heidelberg: Artists Abroad (C. F. Feest) / Bonn: More or Less Max (B. Riese)

Happenings: Unheard Cry of the Earth (C. Krieger) / (Un)melting Po(e)t (C. Krieger)

Gleanings from Meetings: UN World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna (V. Traeger) / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde, Leipzig (C. F. Feest) / Seminar on Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, Marburg (CFF)

Journals: Acta Americana / Talking Stick

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 37

Book Review: Old Glory Revisited (C. F. Feest)

Our Readers Write: Walking Hottentot (P. Bakker) / Keep on Walking (CFF) / Professor Wolfgang

Indians in/and Europe: Solar Chief / Further Luck of the Indians


8:2 (1994)


Wolfgang Hochbruck, Observing Soldier and Enlightened “Huron”: Johann Gottfried Seume’s Nova Scotian Experience

Michael Friedrichs, Tecumseh’s Forty-One

Names in the English Language: Some Re-marks about their Genesis

Dietmar Först, The Revival of the Santee Sioux Sun Dance, 1988–1994

Michael Reinschmidt, “We Go to Kansas for Instruction”: Revitalization of the Drum Dance Religion in Oklahoma

Arnon Gutfeld, “History” and Justice in Indian Law: An Analysis of Scheer v. Moody

Peter Bolz, More Questions than Answers: Frank A. Rinehart’s Photographs of American Indians

Ingo W. Schroeder, The Apache-Pima Conflict. Interethnic Relations in a Colonial Situation


15th American Indian Workshop: Isolation: Not Always Splendid (C. Lindberg)

Language: A Lakota in Paris (C. Krieger)

Literature: Travel Notes: Hillerman among Indians (S. Pellerin)

Journals: Yumtzilob / The Four Directions / Red Ink

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 38

Book Reviews: Blackfoot War Honors Art (C. Taylor) / Sweet Medicine Man (I. Nagy) / Fiction with Landscape (B. Rigal-Cellard) / Fiction with Women (S. Pérez Castillo) / Laughing Matters (C. F. Feest)


9:1 (1995)


Regine Wild, The Ethnomusicologist as Cultural Broker: Natalie Curtis and Indian Songs

Götz Corinth, Indians on the Opera Stage: Remarks on Selected Examples

Hans-Ulrich Sanner, Ritual Humor as Ritual Metacommunication

Gisela Stappert, Hopi Arts and Crafts in the 20th Century: Traditional Gender Roles in Transition

J. Douglas Rabb, Prologues to Native Philosophy: Some Research Methodologies

David Wilkins, The “De/Selected” Senate Committee on Indian Affairs and its Legislative Record, 1977–1992

Bernadette Rigal-Cellard, The Peyote Way Church of God: Native Americans v. New Religions v. the Law

Anthony P. Grant, A Note on Bidai

Gertrud Boden, Martina Gockel, Native North American Collections in Western European Museums: Replies to a Questionnaire


Exhibitions: Scalping the French (N. Delanoë and J. Rostkowski) / Bordeaux Rouge (B. Rigal-Cellard) / Obituary: The Iceman: Paul-Émile Victor (F. Langer)

Gleanings from Meetings: Nordamerikanisten-Workshop, Göttingen (E. de Vries)

Journals: Hako

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 39

Book Reviews: Chiefly Life (E. de Vries) / Rawhide Showcase (I. Nagy) / Fletcher on Music (R. Wild)

Indians in/and Taos


9:2 (1995) Guest Editor: Joëlle Rostkowski


Joëlle Rostkowski, Indians on the International Scene

Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff, The Irresistible Ascension of the UN Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Stopped Short in its Tracks?

Steve Tullberg, Indigenous Peoples, Self-Determination, and the Unfounded Fear of Secession

UN Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples As Agreed Upon By the

Members of the Working Group On Indigenous Peoples At Its Eleventh Session—1993

Christopher Vecsey, The Campaign to Regularize Pueblo Catholicism: Santo Domingo

William K. Powers, Innovating the Sacred: Creating Tradition in Lakota Religion

Marie Mauzé, Potlatching as Ever

Christian F. Feest, "Repatriation": A European View on the Question of Restitution of Native American Artifacts

Ole O. Moen, First Rights: Recent Trends in Legal Relations Between First and Second Americans


16th American Indian Workshop: Ms. Indian (D. Idiens)

Gleanings from Meetings: Eighth Navajo Studies Conference (E. de Vries)

Calls for Papers: 17th American Indian Work-shop / Arctic Photography / Georg Wilhelm Steller in America

Polar Affairs: An Interview with Jean Malaurie (J. Rostkowski)

Balduin Möllhausen: The Rediscovery of an Artist/Explorer and Novelist (P. Bolz)

United Nations: An Interview with Julian Burger, Secretary of the Working Group on Indigenous Peoples (J. Rostkowski)

Indians in/and Europe

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 40

Book Reviews: Poky (C. F. Feest) / Picture That! (C. F. Feest)


10:1 (1996)


Louis L. Weller, Contemporary Native American Architecture

Ekkehart Malotki and Ken Gary, Yoynawakna: A Petroglyphic Rain Prayer at a Post-Spanish Hopi Site in Northeastern Arizona

Julia Theisen, Anasazi Mural Painting: An Overview

Sarah Froning, “A la Rencontre des Amériques” at the Musée de l’Homme in Paris Artifacts or Societies on Display in the French Ethnographic Museum?

Frederick Hale, Peter Matthiessen’s Displaced Cheyenne Vision Quest

Matthias Dietz-Lenssen, Online with Native Americans


Gleanings from Meetings: “Dialogue with the Hopis,” Phoenix (H.-U. Sanner) / German North Americanist Workshops, Vienna (G. Stappert) / International Congress of Americanists, Sweden (R. Bartl)

Book Reviews: White Man’s Water (C. F. Feest) / Red Man’s Ledger (I. Nagy) / Unkind Bite (C. F. Feest) / Man About Town (Creek) (C. F. Feest) / Spellbound (C. F. Feest)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 41

Art: Early Views of an Early Pipe (C. F. Feest)

Exhibitions: Finnish Doubleheader (R. Hämäläinen) / Two Montagnais Worlds (N. Delanoë and J. Rostkowski)


10:2 (1996)  Guest Editor: Sylvia S. Kasprycki


Sylvia S. Kasprycki, Missionaries, Native Americans, and Cultural Processes. Guest Editor’s Preface

Luca Codignola, The Battle is Over: Campeau’s Monumenta vs. Thwaites’s Jesuit Relations, 1602–1650

Marin Trenk, A Deadly Medicine? Missionaries and the Discourse on Alcohol, Epidemics, and Depopulation in New France

Ann Morrison, Christians, Kyries, and Kci Niwesq: Passamaquoddy Catholic Songs in Historical Perspective

David Murray, David Brainerd and the Gift of Christianity

Carola Wessel, Missionary Diaries as a Source for Native American Studies: David Zeisberger and the Delaware

Andrei A. Znamenski, “Russian” and “Native” Power: Denai’na Interactions with Orthodox Church Brotherhoods in Alaska, 1893–1917

Sylvia S. Kasprycki, Matters of Faith: Notes on Missionaries and Material Culture


17th American Indian Workshop: Warsaw Spring: Trees and Roots (F. Wolf-Mandroux

Exhibitions: Paris: Mr. Sandman (N. Delanoë and J. Rostkowski)

Book Reviews: Dogrib Prophets and Power (D. Först) / The Hostile Bands Strike Again (I. Nagy) / Persevering Prophet (P. Bakker)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 42

Call for Papers :Woodlands Art Conference

Indians in/and Europe: Calls of the Wild / Bury My Heart at St Edmunds


11:1 (1997)  Guest Editor: Susan Castillo


John Purdy, Contemporary American Indian Literatures and Academics: The Essentials of Auto-Ethnography

Alan R. Velie, Indian Identity and Indian Literature

Hartwig Isernhagen, (Un)translatable? Constructions of The Indian and the Discourse(s) of Criticism

Gesa Mackenthun, Captives and Sleepwalkers: The Ideological Revolutions of Post-Revolutionary Colonial Discourse

Michelle R. Kloppenburg, The Face in the Slough: Lipsha’s Quest for Identity in Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine and The Bingo Palace

Simone Pellerin, An Epitome of Erdrich’s Art: “The Names of Women”

Susan Castillo, A Woman  Constantly Surprised: The Construction of Self in Louise Erdrich’s The Blue Jay’s Dance

Frederick Hale, Going on the Great White Father’s Warpath: Reactions to World War One on the White Earth Reservation


Gleanings from Meetings: Third North Americanist Conference, Berlin (L. Gugel)

Exhibitions: London: RAIN (M. Carocci)

Book Reviews: The Painful Lives of Mixbloods (Å. Sundquist) / Baxter’s Cushing (P. Hovens) / Teaching Wigwams (S. Schierle) / Historic “Sitegeist” (C. F. Feest) / Pride and Prejudice, Again (C. F. Feest)

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Obituary: Wilcomb E. Washburn (C. F. Feest)

Call for Papers: 19th American Indian Workshop


11:2 (1997)


Liane Gugel, Women’s Societies in Native North America: A Comparative View

Jutta Steffen-Schrade, “I Wish No Longer Go To Sea ...”: Five Early Kayaks in German Collections

Ulf Bankmann, The “Esquimaux-Indians” in Berlin: Drawings and Prints

Edmund Carpenter, Dead Truth, Live Myth

Gerald T. Conaty, Robert R. Janes, Issues of Repatriation: A Canadian View

Frans L. Wojciechowski, Big Business and Modern Eastern Algonquian Indian Identity: The Casino Connection

Michael Schlottner, “World Music” and Native Americans: How Ethnic Are Indians

Michael Friedrichs, Tecumseh’s Fabulous Career in German Fiction


18th American Indian Workshop: Hidden Treasures, Hidden Meanings (S. Schierle)

Gleanings from Meetings: Native Americans and Italy (C. Bartolini)

Book Reviews: Dakota Words (C. F. Feest / Lakota Thoughts (D. Först)

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Indians in/and Europe: William Yazzie in Belarus (A. Simakou) / Drums Along the Spree / From the Internet: My Name is Sioux! How Do You Do?


12:1 (1998)


Samuel R. Cook, “Self-Determination Without Termination”: Richard Nixon’s Indian Policy Revisited

Riku Hämäläinen, “We Are the Mystic Warriors of Finland”: Finnish Indianism

Hans-Wernher von Kittlitz, Karl Bodmer: A Biographical and Bibliographical Survey

Micaela Verlato, In Quest of the Character of North American Languages: Wilhelm von Humboldt’s North American Grammars

Maria Moss, Bodies Without Boundaries: Native American Shape-Shifting Experiences


Exhibitions: Frankfurt: Bridging the Iroquois Gap (S. Heidenreich) / Frankfurt: Killer Whale and Sun Finder (B. Reiß) / Padova/Genoa: The Hopi and a Freudian Scholar (S. Busatta)

Book Reviews: Speaking on Tongues (G. Whittaker) / Murdered Beauty—Frozen Dignity (S. Pellerin) / “Law Is Not the Answer. It Is the Problem.” (C. Bender) / O-kee-pa (A. Brownstone) / Visions Revisited (D. Först)

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Indians in/and Europe: In the Wake of the Fakes


12:2 (1998)


June Bedford, Haida Art in the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford and the Rev. Charles Harrison

Marie Mauzé, Bill Reid (1920–1998)

Manfred C. Kaufmann, Walpi: The Changing Architecture of a Hopi Village, 1876–1970

Lee Irwin, Native Voices in the Study of Native American Religions

Ute Ferrier, All That Is Past Is Buried in Oblivion: The Iroquois-Catawba Wars


Events: London: 500 Nations. Native American Film Festival (M. Carocci)

19th American Indian Workshop: Ceremonies and Identities (C. F. Feest)

Obituaries: Richard Conn, 1928–1998 (J. Jordan) / Hermann Vonbank, 1939–1998 (K. Klann)

Book Reviews: Lo! the Poor Author (H. Lutz) / Tecumseh Without Tears (M. Friedrichs) / Remembered Tales (C. Carstensen) / Frozen Images (M. Gidley) / Electronic Bibliography (J. Hindersmann, G. Wilke) / Lakota Ups and Downs (P. Bolz)

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Indians in/and Europe: Facing the Past in Stuttgart / Selling the Past in Liège


13:1 (1999)


Alan Velie: The Rise and Fall of the Red Power Movement

Ekkehart Malotki/Ken Gary, Hopisonont—’Human Cravers.’ Echoes of Anthropophagy in Hopi Oral Traditions

sebrit Sundquist, Us and Them: Stereotypes of Native Americans and Chicanos In “American Fiction”

Arthur Einhorn, Warriors of the Sky: Iroquois Iron Workers

Françoise Besson, The Doll, the Zodiac, and the Deer of Lascaux: The Essence of the World in Scott Momaday’s Pictorial Language

Rainer Hatoum, The “(Intertribal) Powwow” as a Cultural Phenomenon: A Discussion of the Term “Culture”


Exhibitions: Leiden: Indian Story (D. Frankfort and C. van Santen) / Darmstadt: Sitting Bull Rises Again

Correspondence: Kurkiala’s Complaint (M. Kurkiala and P. Bolz)

Book Reviews: N(arr)ative Poses (B. Rigal-Cellard) / “Kill Me or Give Me My Freedom” (C. Krausch)

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13:2 (1999)  Guest Editor: Christer Lindberg


Åke Hultkrantz, The Specific Character of North American Shamanism

Nelson H. H. Graburn, Religion In Canadian Inuit Art

Gregory R. Campbell and Thomas A. Foor, The Big Horn Medicine Wheel: A Sacred Landscape and the Struggle for Religious Freedom

Joanna Cohan Scherer, W. H. Boone’s Photos of the Medicine Lodge Ceremony: The Construction of an Icon

Jan-Åke Alvarsson, Notes on Amerindian Anthroponymy


20th American Indian Workshop (T. Tybjerg)

Book Reviews: The Overlooked Region (L. Gugel) / The Misnamed People (L. Dräger) / Lucid Metaphors (S. Castillo)

Video Review: Russian Redskins (C. F. Feest)


14:1 (2000) 


Christer Lindberg, Paul Radin: The Anthropological Trickster

Jeffrey D. Anderson, The Motion-Shape of Whirlwind Woman in Arapaho Women’s Quillwork Art

Lisa Aldred, Changing Woman and Her Children: The Enmeshment of Navajo Religion in Their Homelands

Gesa Mackenthun, Captives and Sleepwalkers: The Ideological Revolutions of Post-Revolutionary Colonial Discourse

Dimitri Portier, The Meares Island Case: Nuu-chah-nulth vs. the Logging Industry

Frederick Hale, Axiological Dissonance and Moral Accountability in Elizabeth Cook-Lynn’s From the River’s Edge

Flavia Busatta, Emilio Salgari: A Writer for Armchair Travelers


Museums: Washington, DC: A New Place to Hang Out (J. C. H. King) / Glasgow Ghost (C. F. Feest)

Exhibitions: Brussels: Same Old Story (C. Bender, J. Steffen-Schrade) / London: Travels in Memory and Hopes (M. Carocci)

Obituary: Stephen E. Feraca (1934–1999) (C. Marino)

Gleanings from Meetings: 21st American Indian Workshop, Graz (C. F. Feest) / Authentic Conference: Sixth North Americanist Conference, Heidelberg (D. Siebelt, F. Grimm)

Book Reviews: Chiefly Chiefs (C. F. Feest) / Ojibwa as a Second Language (C. Bender)

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14:2 (2000)  Guest Editor: Igor Krupnik


Igor Krupnik, Jesup-2: The Precious Legacy and a Centennial Perspective

Brian Thom, Precarious Rapport: Harlan I. Smith and the Jesup North Pacific Expedition

Stephen D.Ousley, Boas, Brinton, and the Jesup North Pacific Expedition: The Return of the Americanoids

Sergei Kan, The Mystery of the Missing Monograph: Or, Why Shternberg’s Social Organization of the Gilyak Never Appeared Among the Jesup Expedition Publications

William A. Starna and Jack Campisi, When Two Are One: The Mohawk Community at St. Regis (Akwesasne)

Harry Schüler, The Renaissance of the New York Oneida


18th American Indian Workshop: Hidden Treasures, Hidden Meanings (S. Schierle)

Gleanings from Meetings: Museums and Others: Seventh North Americanist  Meeting, Berlin (S. S. Kasprycki)

Book Reviews: Let’s Talk about Lit. (M. Friedrichs) / Let’s Read about Jack & Tec. (M. Friedrichs)

Indians and/In Europe

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 49

Obituary: Herbert Kraft (1927–2000) (J. Strong)


15:1 (2001)


Edmund Carpenter, 9/3428: Three Chapters from an Unfinished, Two-volume Study of George Heye’s Museum of the American Indian

Loran Olsen and Thomas E. Connolly, S.J., Musical Syncretism at the Salish Missions

Marie-Claude Strigler, Traditional Navajo Understanding of Disease and Healing

Frederick Hale, Exploiting the Native American Renaissance: The Chief Red Fox Memoirs Hoax

Markus Lindner, Goggles, Family, and the “Wild West.” The Photographs of Sitting Bull


Exhibitions: The Mythical and the Modern (J. C. H. King) / The Ancient and the Artistic (C. F. Feest)

Book Reviews: Red Man’s Coup? (C. F. Feest) / White Man’s Milk (C. F. Feest)

CD-ROM Review: Spanish Roots—Native Fruits (C. Lindberg)

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15:2 (2001)


Cornelius J. Jaenen, “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”: An Aboriginal American Contribution to the Enlightenment in France

José António Brandão, Iroquois Expansion in the Seventeenth Century: A Review of Causes

Christian F. Feest, Lafitau as Ethnographer of the Iroquois

Karl Markus Kreis, John O. Brant-Sero’s Adventures in Europe

Anja Schulte, Gerontocide in Science-Fiction and Fact. A Critical Review of the Sources on North America

Bruce Duthu, The Houma of Louisiana. Politics, Identity, and the Legal Status of “Tribe”

Michael Schlottner, Music, Money, Messages. Native American Sound Networks Revisited


22nd American Indian Workshop: Indians, French, and the Multi-Faceted Encounter (R. Hämäläinen)

Exhibitions: German Medley (C. F. Feest) / Berlin: Curator’s Reply (P. Bolz) and Critic’s Response (J. C. H. King) / Washington: Indian Welcome, 2001 (J. C. H. King)

Book Reviews: Deliberate Words (H.-U. Sanner) / Field of Art, Field of Dreams (C. F. Feest)

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16:1 (2002)  Guest Editor: Igor Krupnik


Suzanne Harmsen-Peraino, Writing from a Postindian Visionary Center. An Interview with Gerald Vizenor

Anne-Christine Hornborg, Readbacks or Tradition? The Kluskap Stories Among Modern Canadian Mi´kmaq

Kenneth Andrews, Shawnee Noun Inflection

Jason Baird Jackson, A Yuchi War Dance in 1736

Eike de Vries, Bernhard Bendel. Fur Trader and Collector in Alaska, 1846–1876

Christian Carstensen, Knowledge and the Politics of (Re)Presentation. The Museum in Warm Springs, Oregon


23rd American Indian Workshop: Rituals and Performances in Dublin (C. Knowles)

Book Reviews: 100 Years and Still Going Strong ... (P. Schweitzer) / Kluskap's Return (M. Kurkiala) / What to Read About the Shawnee (M. Friedrichs) / A Very Special Kind of Bond (S. Busatta) / Adding to a History of Misunderstandings (C.-D. Asten)

Indians in/and Europe: The GerMan's Burden (C. F. Feest) / Winnetou: Happy Legal Grounds

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 52


16:2 (2002)  Guest Editor: Naila Clerici


Naila Clerici, Indian Voices in the European Context

Fabio Pittaluga, Between Two Worlds: Kiowa and Kiowa-Apache Educational Institutions and American Schools, 1880–1900

Gabriela Vargas-Cetina, Post-Colonial Sites and Markets. Indigenous Organizations in Chiapas, Mexico

Evelyne Puchegger-Ebner, Uniendo Fronteras. Violence and Non-Violence as Strategies for Demarcating and Crossing Boundaries

Åsebrit Sundquist, Gender and Culture: A Comparative Study of Native American and Chicano Fictional Portrayals

James Hamill, A Few Reasons Why There Are Indians in Oklahoma


Native Arts: Anatomy of a Fake (A. Brownstone)

Book Reviews: Idiosyncrasy of Narration—Goal of Dialogues (M. Schlottner) / Enduring Texts (H. Kammler) / A Book Moving, a Book that Moves (M. E. Farrell) / Rocky Empire (C. F. Feest)

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17:1 (2003)


German V. Dziebel, American Indians and Russian Indians Did Not Smoke the Peace Pipe

Andrei V. Grinev, Native Amanaty in Russian America

Olaf Behrend, Henry Kammler, Fieldwork in a Contemporary First Nation Community

Sonja Schierle, Samuel Hadlock, His "Esquimaux Show," and Missing Pages

Veronika Ederer, Maps and Illusions: Notes on Ethnographic Maps of North America

Cora Bender, "A Certain Amount of Magic in that Moment." An Interview with Shelley Niro

Mary E. Farrell, Considering Silence, with Simon Ortiz


24th American Indian Workshop: Of His-, Her- and Other Stories (B. Saunders)

Exhibitions: Zürich: Nordamerika Native Museum (S. Siahdohoni)

Book Reviews: Iroquois Land Art (M. Dubin) / Open Window-Fresh Air (C. F. Feest)

CD-ROM Review: Picturesque Red Road (C. F. Feest)

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17:2 (2003)


Mike Cowdrey, The Turtle Hangs Before: Celestial Templates in Cheyenne Cosmology

Imre Nagy, Burnt All Over, A Southern Cheyenne Traditionalist

Christian F. Feest, James Reid Lambdin, George Catlin, and the "Costume of a Sioux Warrior"

Maria Orban, Alan Velie, Religion and Gender in The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse

Christer Lindberg, The Bureau of American Ethnology

Edmund Carpenter, Amos H. Gottschall (1854–1938)

Edmund Carpenter, Chief Red Thunder Cloud (1919–1996


Exhibitions: Stuttgart: Expeditions (C. F. Feest)

Indians in/and Europe: German Tipis/Austrian Wannabes

Book Reviews: Great Plains-Minor Pains (I. Nagy) / Porter on Parker (C. F. Feest)

CD-ROM Reviews: Tribute to an Artist (I. Nagy) / Tribute to a Writer (C. F. Feest)

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18:1 (2004) Guest Editor: Imre Nagy


Paul Beekman Taylor, The Project for French Mixedblood Colonial Domination of North America

Christian F. Feest, Franz Boas, Primitive Art, and the Anthropology of Art

Arni Brownstone, Animal Arrays and Geometric Pictorials. Commercial Aspects of Plains Painting

Candace S. Greene, From Bison Robes to Ledgers. Changing Contexts in Plains Drawings

Winfield Coleman, Blinded by the Sun. Shamanism and Warfare in the Little Shield Ledger

Joyce M. Szabo, Drawing Life’s Changes: Late Nineteenth-Century Plains Drawings from Hampton Institute and Carlisle Indian School


Exhibitions: Frankfurt: Iroquois Artscapes (E. de Vries)

Indians in/and Europe: Portrait of the Dutch Artist as a Young Mohawk / Beloved Men / Spotted Bear / More on Russian Redskins (C. J. Krieger)

25th American Indian Workshop: Explicit Implications (R. E. Gruber)

Book Reviews: Mixed Blessings (N. Delanoë) / Reflected Identities (B. Hlebowicz)

Resources: Catholic-Related Records about Native Americans

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 56


18:2 (2004)


Colin F. Taylor, The “Tall Bear” Drawings in the William Blackmore Collection at the British Museum

Oleg N. Yasenenko, North American Collections in the Ethnographic Museum of Kazan University

Andrei Grinev, Russian Reward Medals for the Natives of Alaska

Françoise Besson, Arts and Crafts in N. Scott Momaday’s Fiction The Timeless Language of Memory

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Book Review: Plumed Letters (F. Besson)

Journals: First Americans (O. N. Yasenenko)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 57


19:1 (2005) Guest Editor: J. C. H. King


J. C. H. King, Marketing Native North America. The Promotion and Sale of Art and Design

Michelle Lewin, Metal Goddesses, Telephone Translation, and Cyberspace Commerce: Challenges Facing the Contemporary Inuit Gallery Today

Jørgen Trondhjem, Native and Part of the Modern World: Modern Greenland Art

Ken Mantel, A Brief History of Contemporary Inuit Art in Britain

Silvia Koros, Princess Tom and the Alaska Tourist Trade, 1884–1900

Andrea Sanborn, Kwakwaka’wakw Spirit: Our Art, Our Culture

Henrietta Lidchi, Guilty Pleasures. Selling Indian Arts and Crafts in the American Southwest

Atsunori Ito, Marketing Hopi Jewelry in Japan. An Analysis of the Promotional Characteristics of Hopi Arts and Crafts in/to Japan

Kathleen E. Ash-Milby, Contemporary Native American Art in the Twenty-First Century. Overcoming the Legacy


26th American Indian Workshop: “New Buffaloes”—New Ways? The Circulation of Capital (H. Breinig)

Gleanings from Meetings: North American Indianist Conference in Zurich (F. Grimm, D. Seibelt)

Exhibitions: Paris: Ammassalik Phoenix (C. F. Feest)

Indians in/and Europe: Hear Me, My Chiefs! / Dance Hall of the Dead

Book Review: Culture of Care (S. S. Kasprycki)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 58


19:2 (2005)


Ives Goddard, “I am a Red-Skin”: The Adoption of a Native American Expression (1769–1826)

Kristin Funke, “Growing Up It Seemed I Lived in Two Worlds: American Indian Responses to Government Boarding Schools, 1890–1940

Nadia Ferrara and Guy Lanoue: Healing Fragile Selves: Emotional Expression and Psychotherapy among the Quebec Cree

Janet Chanet-García: Native Americans in Higher Education: The Complex Mission of a Native American Studies Program in an Ivy League School

Åsebrit Sundquist, Ethnic Identity Problems in Native American and Saami Fiction: Differences in Frequency and Severity


Kwakwaka’wakw: An Urgent Call (G. Buchholtzer)

Indian in/and Europe: Moccasin Philosophies.

Exhibition: Toulouse: Seasoned Inuit Art (F. Besson)

Book Review: Children, Tradition, and the Future (S. Schierle)


20:1 (2006) Guest Editor: Joy Porter


Joy Porter, Place and American Indian Literature and Culture: Introduction

Helen Carr, Place and American Indian Literature and Culture: Foreword

Simon J. Ortiz, Opening Comments

David Treuer, The Clouds Overhead

Annette Van Dyke, Joy Harjo, Diane Glancy, and Linda Hogan: The Poetics and Politics of Place in Writers of Diaspora

Rebecca Tillett, Seeing with a “Native Eye”: Interactions of Culture and Nature in Contemporary Navajo Writing

David Martinez, From the Land of the Sky-Blue Water. Charles A. Eastman, Minnesota, and the 1862 U.S.-Dakota Conflict

David Stirrup, “Songs Belong to These Islands”: Mapping the Cultural Terrain in Louise Erdrich’s Non-Fiction

Ewelina Banka, “Homing” in the City: Sherman Alexie’s Perspective on Urban Indian Country

J. E. Smyth, New Frontiers in American Interracial History: Edna Ferber and the Indian Mixed Blood

Carter Revard, Birdwatching in Wales and Indian Territory: Consecrations of Place in Osage and Pawnee Ceremonies and Poems by Hopkins, Thomas, and Others

Yvonne Owens, Jim Logan, the Sacred Setting, and the Classical Canon: Subversion and Inversion in Representations of Sacrality and Gender by a Contemporary Metis Artist


Film: Celebrations of Cultural Diversity (S. Schierle)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 60


20:2 (2006)


Joyce Hsiu-yen Yeh, Singing and Dancing Matters. Performing “Indigenousness” through Powwow

Alexandra Ganser, See America’s Indians First! Blackfoots, Indianermaler, and the Promotion of Glacier National Park

Hartwig Isernhagen, Race, Gender, Ethos. Bodmer’s Great Indian Portraits

Rauna Kuokkanen, Indigenous Peoples on Two Continents. Self-Determination Processes in Saami and First Nation Societies

Åsebrit Sundquist, Gender Roles in Saami and Native American Fiction

Evelyne Puchegger-Ebner, Gendered Myths: On Female Imagery in Tarahumara Society


Obituary: Åke Hultkrantz (1920–2006) (C. Lindberg)

Gleanings from Meetings: Disputes About the Cosmos and Other Matters (B. Hlebowicz)

Book Reviews: Matters of Faith (L. Draeger) / More than a Custeriana (I. Nagy) / The Face of Art (C. F. Feest)

Indians in/and Europe: Vosges Rouges / Camargue Rouge (F. Besson)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 61


21:1 (2007) Guest Editor: Pieter Hovens


Pieter Hovens and Carolina van Santen, Collecting Blackfoot: Dutchmen and Indians on the Northwestern Plains

Lea M. Zuyderhoudt, First-Hand Knowledge and Second-Hand Knowledge: Contemporary Blackfoot Reflections on Using Historical Sources

Howard D. Paap, Haijo J. Westra, with Mary Eggermont-Molenaar, J. P. B. de Josselin de Jong, the Return of Wenebozho, and an Ojibwe Myth in Latin

Grazyna J. Rowicka, Saving a Dead Language: Quinault

Laurie Meijer Drees, The FNA and the IAA: Native Political Action in the 1960s

Nanna Verhoeff, Moving Indians: Deconstructing the Other in Moving Images (1895–1915)

Bruce E. Johansen, The Influence Thesis Revisited


Obituary: William C. Sturtevant (1926–2007) (C. F. Feest)

27th American Indian Workshop  (C. Bender)

Indians in/and Europe: Camargue Rouge (F. Besson) / Vosges Rouges

Book Reviews: Matters of Faith (L. Dräger) / More than a Custeriana (I. Nagy) / The Face of Art (C. F. Feest)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 62


21:2 (2007 [2010])  OUT OF PRINT


T. Rose Holdcraft, Elizabeth Perry, Susan Haskell, Diana Loren, and Christina J. Hodge, A Rare Native American Sash and Its Paper Label “Belt of the Indian King Phillip. From Col. Keyes.” A Collaborative Study

Cath Oberholtzer, Eighteenth-Century Birchbark Containers of Northeastern North America.

Staffan Brunius, In the Light of the New Sweden Colony. Notes on Swedish Pre-1800 Ethnographic Collections from Northeastern North America

Pieter Hovens, Portraying Native North America. The Life and Work of Henry C. Balink (1882–1963)

Nikolaus Stolle, Of French Origin? Eight “French Pipe Axes”

Tom Svensson, On Artifacts and the Management of Traditional Knowledge. A Museum Collection of Hopi Pottery and Its Extesion


Book Reviews: On the Border with Max (C. F. Feest) / Across the Border (H. Kammler) / South of the Border (E. Puchegger-Ebner)

Current European Bibliography of Native American Studies 63

Editor’s Postscript: A Parting Shot


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