Our books in English

Sylvia S. Kasprycki

Five Years in America. The Menominee Collection of Antoine Marie Gachet



Christian Feest and      

C. Ronald Corum

Frederick Weygold. 

Artist and Ethnographer 

of North American Indians 



Pieter Hovens and Bruce Bernstein (eds.) 

North American Indian Art. Masterpieces and Museum Collections in the Netherlands (2015)

Sylvia S. Kasprycki and Doris I. Stambrau (eds.)

Artful Resistance. Contemporary Art from Sri Lanka (2010)


Pieter Hovens

The Ten Kate Collection 1882–1886. American Indian Material Culture (2010)

J. C. H. King  and Christian F. Feest


Three Centuries of Woodlands Indian Art 




Sylia S. Kasprycki and Doris I. Stambrau (eds.)

IroquoisART (1998)



Adrienne L. Kaeppler

Holophusicon: The Leverian Museum.

An Eighteenth-Century English Institution of Science, Curiosity, and Art  (2011)

Christian F. Feest  (ed.)

European Review of Native American Studies




Christian F. Feest (ed.)

American Indian Art. A Memorial Tribute to Norman Feder (2001)






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